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Let yourself be amazed by the quality of the Babolat Padel range

The Babolat padel racket is an essential tool for anyone who wants to practice this sport. There are various versions of this racket including the Viper, Veron and Vertuo lines. Babolat padel rackets are designed to offer players exceptional performance and maneuverability. The technology of these Babolat padel rackets offers control over all the notions of the game. The frame system delivers more power and makes Babolt padel rackets more durable. The power and stability of Babolat padel rackets are truly exceptional and be amazed by their quality!

In recent years Babolat has invested heavily in the Padel game by creating lines suitable for all levels of players, Babolat padel rackets are extremely popular. A particular line is also dedicated to the women's world with lightweight padel rackets.

All Babolat padel series
Babolat Viper Padel Series

In the Viper series, three different models of rackets are available: the Babolat Technical Viper, Babolat Air Viper and Babolat Counter Viper.
The Viper series is suitable for intermediate to expert players.

Babolat Veron Padel Series

Three different racket models are available in the Viper series: the Babolat Technical Veron, Babolat Air Veron and Babolat Counter Veron.
The Veron series is suitable for intermediate players but also for some advanced users, offering a balanced and multi-purpose game.

Babolat Vertuo Padel Series

Three different racket models are available in the Viper series: the Babolat Technical Vertuo, Babolat Air Vertuo and Babolat Counter Vertuo.
The Vertuo series is reserved for beginners who have just started playing Padel, low costs and performance.
Babolat Padel Series Estimate
Babolat Dyna Padel Series
Babolat Junior and Boys Padel Series

Who uses Babolat?

The padel racket dedicated to Padel Champion Juan Lebron, who uses the Babolat Technical Viper Lebron shovel.
How to choose your Babolat padel racket?

You can easily find the Babolat padel racket for the right player with the configurator made available by Sportlet.Store. You can find the padel racket or padel rackets of your dreams, if you like to test your skills, by indicating your playing style and viewing the list of products from the Babolat padel collection and the price of your favorite choice.
Each padel racket provides you with precise information on playing style, price, collection, brand and other information to facilitate your choice.

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