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Beach tennis balls represent a type of product that is often underestimated. Often you choose an unknown brand to save money, only to find yourself using poor-quality and poorly performing elements. Beach tennis balls have well-defined characteristics, major sports brands produce ideal solutions for achieving excellent performance.


The beach tennis ball is just as important a component as the racket produced for this sport. Although aesthetically it does not differ much from a traditional padel or tennis ball , its specifications can change significantly.

Among the parameters to consider is the player's level of play , in fact, a beginner beach tennis enthusiast will find a more suitable solution with light balls, while advanced players usually tend to choose heavier balls.

Balance is also a relevant characteristic of beach tennis balls, as it influences the trajectory and speed when it is in motion. Usually all balls are evenly balanced, but over time they can become worn and lean to one side. The weight of the ball is another specification to consider , as it affects its speed and ability to bounce . By choosing a heavy ball you will get greater speed and a wider bounce.

In many cases beach tennis players tend to look for balls for the reference sex , male or female, but in reality there are no specific differences for gender. Although it is necessary to underline that women prefer lighter and slower balls to make their game easier.

The parameter that affects playing comfort is the age of the person using the beach tennis ball. In fact, for children it is advisable to choose balls that are not too heavy, so as to guarantee precise hits without forcing the joints. Adults can choose light or heavy solutions depending on their level of play and personal preferences , in many cases linked to comfort when serving and receiving.

The material is an element that can greatly affect the quality and wear of the ball. Sports ball companies make this product from natural rubber with a wool and acrylic coating. Although the materials are almost always the same, it is advisable to rely on quality elements, obtaining greater resistance over time and performance that always conforms to your needs.

How to choose beach tennis balls

In addition to the characteristics just listed, it is also important to consider other conditions before making the choice of product. Although beach tennis balls made with quality materials are almost always synonymous with optimal performance, it is also advisable to check their approval and level.

You can buy good quality, but not approved, beach tennis balls online or in physical stores. ITF approved products, i.e. official beach tennis balls , allow you to obtain excellent performance and the certainty that they have been made following all safety regulations.

As well as the level for the reference player, which can affect speed and technique. You can choose balls dedicated to professional matches, where there is a need for greater technique. By opting for a product suitable for beginners you can obtain different speeds, with the advantage of applying less advanced gaming techniques.

The best solutions to choose

The brands that produce beach tennis balls are different, but if you want a quality product that meets ITF approval requirements, the most reliable brands are MBT and Quicksand.

MBT beach tennis balls : this brand sells excellent quality products, both in the 2-ball format and in the 20-piece or 60-piece format. This last solution is suitable for those who need a supply throughout the year.

Quicksand beach tennis balls : excellent quality alternative that allows you to choose both a single beach tennis ball and the larger formats of 3 balls, 20 or 60 units.

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