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Purchasing and choosing a padel racket can be difficult for those who have never approached this sporting activity, the characteristics to evaluate are different and in some cases only by trying the racket in a match can the strong and critical points be identified. How to choose a padel racket and what features to look for?

Before choosing your padel racket it is advisable to identify your level of play . A beginner player needs a racket with perfect control, while an expert will need to use a tool suited to his technical characteristics, opting for a specific padel racket shape . A player who has never played a padel game can rely on a round or teardrop shaped racket, while a veteran will be able to better adapt a diamond shape to their techniques.

The ideal solutions are linked to your playing style and level, but what are the best padel rackets ? You can choose a padel racket for an advanced , intermediate or beginner level.

We must also consider children who inevitably have to improve their playing techniques.

If level is a relevant aspect to consider, padel racket balance is equally so. In fact, this specification identifies the weight distribution from the handle to the top of the racket. A balance moved towards the head allows you to obtain greater power and less control, while a balance towards the handle is the ideal solution to obtain control, at the expense of power.

The padel racket weight affects handling and power. A heavy solution, greater than 370 grams, allows you to obtain greater power, but is difficult to handle, especially if it is used by a beginner.

The choice of one racket rather than another also depends on the gender of the person using it. A woman usually prefers a lighter and more manageable women's padel racket , while men tend to rely on heavy solutions to increase the power of their shots. It is possible to purchase models indicated for the reference sex, in some cases also customizing the colors of the core and the frame.

Age is a further parameter to consider when choosing a racket of this type. A child sees better results right away with a light racket sized appropriately for his height , while adults have a wider range of solutions.

If age certainly affects the type of racket to choose, round for children and teardrop or diamond for adults with a medium-high level of play, the materials are essential to obtain longevity and performance from your playing instrument. A racket frame can be made of fiberglass , graphite or carbon fiber, as well as the rubber of the core can vary depending on the model chosen. Carbon fiber allows for greater rigidity and durability, while fiberglass is better suited to those looking for comfort and flexibility. Graphite solutions are an excellent combination between these two materials.

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The characteristics of a padel racket determine its qualities, but which models should you prefer? There are many famous brands available on the market for the creation of padel tools and accessories, ranging from very high prices to competitive solutions to allow even beginners to approach this sport.

You can choose Nox padel rackets , an Adidas padel racket or focus on a Babolat padel racket . Head padel rackets and the Wilson padel racket are also a valid alternative to satisfy your needs as a player, as is the Pum a padel racket . Sportlet has an infinite number of products that adapt to every style and level of play, spanning the beginner padel racket or intermediate padel racket . There are several padel racket offers available to have fun with on the playgrounds.

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