Beach Tennis Rackets

Beach tennis was born as a hobby to be practiced on the beach by the sea. At the beginning of the Seventies the first rackets appeared on the Romagna Riviera, people played for pure fun on the sand and there were no regulations. In 1996, the rules currently valid were issued: playing field with beach volleyball dimensions but with a net at a height of 1.7 metres. Since 2011, beach tennis has been considered a competitive sport in all respects. Over time, the number of practitioners has grown considerably, thanks also to sports brands that have begun to regularly produce beach tennis rackets. All manufacturers use innovative materials with the utmost attention to the player's well-being and safety.

How to choose a beach tennis racket

The beach tennis racket can ideally be divided into four parts called head, heart, plate and handle, while the maximum length accepted in tournaments is 50 centimetres. Choosing the right racket is essential. It is important to purchase a racket suitable for our level of play, for example a shorter one is recommended for the beginner player while a long racket guarantees more power at the moment of impact and is used more by the more experienced. Just as the head of the racket tells what type of opponent you are facing: narrow head for professionals, wider head for novice players who need more surface area to counter the incoming shot.

With all the models offered on the market it will not be difficult to find the right racket for everyone.

Beach tennis rackets for everyone

So everyone has the right racket according to their level of play. When purchasing it is necessary to pay attention first of all to the balance and weight, without neglecting the importance of the manufacturing materials. The balance decides whether our game will be based on power or control: with a high balance the shots we will get will be more powerful and incisive, with a lower balance we will have more maneuverability but we will lose strength. Here too, intuitive choice for level of play, high balance for expert athletes while low for beginners, women and children. Also worth highlighting is the importance of the balance between the balance and the overall weight of the racket ; this can help the experience of playing with several friends' or rented rackets before proceeding with the purchase of your own racket.

Best beach tennis rackets

In summary, there is no best racket for all athletes: however, there are rackets that are more or less suited to our level of play. When choosing, we are also guided by the quality of the materials used to make the racket . Cutting-edge solutions have been found by manufacturers: carbon, graphite, fiberglass and titanium alloy, each with strengths and weaknesses. The material the racket is made of defines both its resistance and manageability and determines the selling price. Vision beach tennis rackets are the top of the category; Made of innovative materials, they represent the maximum quality and comfort in beach tennis. Other brands specialized in the sector are MBT , Turquoise , Quicksand and Heroes , all brands that offer products with high standards to both the expert player and the novice approaching beach tennis for the first time. Beach tennis rackets are available on the market in different materials with many colors and sizes suitable for adults and children.

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